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Courtney Anderson

Courtney Anderson, a BJJ Brown Belt boasting a commendable 9 years of experience, including 5 years dedicated to teaching. With a remarkable collection of Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals from diverse UK BJJ tournaments, Courtney's proficiency is undeniable. Adding to his arsenal, a Judo Brown Belt signifies his multidisciplinary prowess. Beyond the mat, Courtney's eagerness to aid those seeking guidance is palpable. A paragon of affability and positivity, he radiates a friendly demeanor that enriches our community.


Safeer Moustafa

Safeer Moustafa, a BJJ Brown Belt boasting 9 years of experience. His insatiable passion for exploring new techniques makes him an engaging and enthralling rolling partner. When you step onto the mats with Safeer, you're in for an intriguing journey. Off the mats, his positivity and friendliness radiate, creating an inviting atmosphere for all. Safeer's multifaceted approach to BJJ, as both an avid learner and an approachable mentor, enriches our community.

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Timur Ashimov

Timur Ashimov, a seasoned BJJ Brown Belt with an impressive 8-year journey. Timur's journey includes numerous IBJJF Silver Medals and one Bronze, testifying to his dedication and skill. While he's explored various martial arts, Timur finds his true meditation-like focus solely through practicing and teaching BJJ. Off the mats, his eagerness to aid others knows no bounds, and his positivity permeates everything he encounters. Timur's ability to channel his energy into both his BJJ practice and his interactions with others makes him an uplifting presence within our community.

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Glauco De Almeida

Glauco De Almeida, a 28-year-old first-degree black belt from Sydney, Australia. Beginning his BJJ journey at 13, Glauco brings 15 years of training and 8 years of coaching experience. His academy in Western Sydney is renowned for training students of all levels, from beginners to competitors. Glauco's notable achievements include being the Pan Pacific Champion, Australian National Champion, and multiple IBJJF Open Champion. His dedication and skill make him a respected figure in the BJJ community.

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Faris Benlamkadem

Faris Benlamkadem, a Professional BJJ Black Belt whose trophy case boasts a multitude of Gold and Silver Medals from prestigious UK and European BJJ Competitions. A veritable force on the mats, Faris's dominance is unquestionable. However, outside the arena, his humility and reserved nature shine. Faris's duality as an unstoppable force on the mats and a humble presence off them adds a unique and well-rounded dimension to our team.
Check out his professional competitor profile:

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Gabriele Schuck

Gabriele Schuck, a consummate Professional BJJ Fighter and Black Belt. Her accolades include a plethora of Gold and Silver medals garnered from numerous Professional BJJ and Grappling competitions across the UK and Europe. Regularly sponsored by industry giants for her formidable skills, Gabriele's prowess is undeniable. However, off the mats, she exudes a remarkable shyness, which contrasts her dedicated and friendly nature. When it comes to assisting others, Gabriele's seriousness and friendliness intertwine seamlessly, making her an invaluable asset to our community.

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Owen Jones

Owen Jones, an accomplished BJJ coach with a stellar track record in the world of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Owen has achieved remarkable milestones, including: - ADCC Trials 2023 Gold - No-Gi Europeans IBJFF 2022 Gold - Worlds IBJFF 2022 Bronze - European IBJFF 2022 Bronze - London Open IBJFF 2022 Quadruple Gold - Polaris Veteran Owen's dedication and expertise make him an exceptional coach, inspiring students to excel in BJJ. His journey from a dedicated practitioner to a decorated coach showcases his passion for the sport, offering students valuable insights and guidance for their own success.

Check out his professional competitor profile:

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Aisatou Camara

Ash (Aisatou) Camara, a BJJ Blue Belt with an impressive 5 years of experience. A master in connecting with kids, Ash's mat prowess is unrivaled, but off the mats, she radiates approachability and warmth. With a blend of strength and amiability, Ash brings a dynamic and balanced approach to both teaching and interacting, making her an invaluable asset to our team.

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Callum Handyside

Callum Handyside, a Muay Thai Professional Fighter and Instructor with an impressive 10+ years of experience, adorned with numerous major victories in a variety of esteemed professional tournaments. Beyond his exceptional skills, Callum's approachable nature shines, particularly for newcomers. With a teaching style that strikes a harmonious chord across all student levels, Callum brings a well-rounded and friendly disposition that enriches the learning journey for everyone.


Abdul Aziz Taylor

Abdul Aziz Taylor, a captivating individual and a Purple belt with an impressive 4 stripes in BJJ. With 5 years of dedicated experience, Abdul Aziz stands out with a Gold medal from the Nova Grappling competition at the Blue belt level. Beyond his accomplishments, his charm is unparalleled – Abdul Aziz is the epitome of approachability and charisma. Meeting him is like encountering a beacon of positivity and warmth, making him an unforgettable presence in our community.

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Ihor Yaroslavskiy

Ihor Yaroslavskiy, a multi-faceted martial artist and accomplished instructor with a rich background spanning various disciplines. With a black belt (2nd dan) in Aikido Yoshinkan, a black belt (1st dan) in grappling, a brown belt in both Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and traditional Japanese Jiu-Jitsu, Igor's expertise is wide-ranging. His journey began in 2004, and he transitioned to coaching in 2010, eventually specializing in BJJ and grappling instruction from 2014 onwards. Igor's influence has propelled many students to victory, with multiple champions of Ukraine, Europe, and the world among his protégés. As the president of the esteemed "Tiger" sports club since 2017, Igor has fostered a legacy of excellence in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and grappling in Ukraine. His contributions extend beyond sport, as he has trained police and military special forces, further solidifying his impact. With a Master's degree in Physical Education and Sports, Igor's dedication to martial arts education and expertise in various disciplines make him a distinguished figure in our community.

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Fernanda Dassoler

Fernanda Dassoler is our newest addition to our Grapple Zone BJJ Academy team. A determined blue belt, Fernanda's journey into Brazilian Jiu Jitsu began in 2017, marked by her impressive return after overcoming an injury. Her dedication to competitions has earned her well-deserved medals, including a victorious super fight at Enyo Grappling 5. As our Kids Classes Instructor, Fernanda brings a unique blend of skill, resilience, and passion to the mats. Her teaching philosophy emphasises not only technical prowess but also the development of character, discipline, and self-confidence in our young grapplers. Join us for exciting and enriching sessions as Fernanda Dassoler guides the next generation of BJJ enthusiasts at Grapple Zone.

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Selena Waldropt

It is our honor to welcome Selena Waldropt to the Grapple Zone BJJ Academy family, where she brings a wealth of expertise as a seasoned Karate practitioner and instructor. Trained from the young age of 5 under the guidance of her father, Sensei Garth Waldropt, a 7th Dan in Renshin-Kai, Selena embodies the ethos of "Strength in Unity" within this unique fusion of Kyokushin-kai and Goju Ryu. Having spent three transformative months in Japan, Selena honed her skills in Goju Ryu, Chito Ryu, and Wado Ryu, earning first place in both Kata and Kumite at the Azabu University karate competition. Selena's impressive journey is underscored by her achievements, including multiple dan ranks, coaching awards, and her role as an instructor at Renshin-Kai Southern Academy. Her commitment to teaching traditional Karate, coupled with a focus on fitness, strength, and enjoyment, ensures that her classes provide a comprehensive and enjoyable experience for aspiring martial artists at Grapple Zone.


Dwaine Patterson

Meet Dwaine Patterson, the warm and welcoming face of our team. As the receptionist extraordinaire, Dwaine is more than just the first point of contact – he's the friendliest person you'll ever encounter. With a genuine smile and a passion for making everyone feel at home, Dwaine ensures that your experience from the moment you walk in is nothing short of delightful. But Dwaine is more than just a friendly face; he's also a BJJ enthusiast. A year ago, he took the plunge into the world of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and instantly fell in love with the art. His dedication and enthusiasm for BJJ have not only transformed his life but also inspired him to become an integral part of our team. Now, Dwaine is not just here to greet you with a smile; he's also here to share his passion for BJJ and make your journey with us even more enjoyable. Welcome to a place where warmth, friendliness, and a love for BJJ converge – all thanks to Dwaine Patterson.

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