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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I try to see if BJJ is for me?

Yes, we currently offer one trial class as part of our promotional offer. Give us a call or email us on to arrange your first visit!

What should I wear to my first session?

If you don’t own any Gi or No Gi kit we will provide you with a free rental for your first trial class

I’ve been to the trial classes and would like to sign up. How do I do this?

Welcome to our family! Please email to get your membership set up

I train elsewhere and would like to drop in for a session. Is that possible?

Yes! Everyone is welcome to our mat, just give us a call, or email us on and let us know when you’re coming

Do you offer private 1-1 coaching?

Yes we do. Please talk to one of the members of the team, or email us on

What facilities can I expect to see at the gym?

We have changing rooms, showers, toilets, lockers, MMA store, some hot and cold drinks and a state-of-the-art mat space to roll on

Can I use the MMA store if I’m not a member of Grapple Zone?

Yes, of course. Just come in and see what you like. Talk to one of the members of the team, or email us on

What memberships are available at Grapple Zone?

Please see the membership page here

I got a very good price on my Membership as part of your promotional offer. Will I ever see this price go up?

No, we value people who helped us start the club, so the price you start your membership on is the price you’ll always stay on as long as your membership is continuous. If you need to pause, or freeze your membership, please come talk to us, or email

Can I park my car at the gym?

We do not provide car parking spaces unfortunately

Are there bicycle racks available at your gym?

Yes, there are bicycle racks right in front of the dojo

Do you have lockers available for storage during training?

Yes, but they are on a first come first serve basis, so make sure you come early to grab them. Bring a padlock if you’d like to secure your items please

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