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Our GZ Philosophy

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) is a martial art based on positional hierarchy and body mechanics, it focuses on control and submission while trying to gain and maintain control over an opponent. BJJ is also a popular foundational art for mixed martial arts and competitive sport grappling all over the world.


At GrappleZone CheckMat, we believe in BJJ as an effective physical exercise that enhances body-mind coordination, develops strategic thinking and provides BJJ practitioners with effective self-defence techniques.


All levels of practitioners are welcome, from the curious to the beginner, the intermediate to the advanced. Our world-class instructors place a firm emphasis on grappling with efficiency, and focus on teaching correct technique and application. They provide a curriculum that emphasises fundamental, universal concepts of submission and control, while also exploring cutting-edge developments in modern sport techniques.


In BJJ we have a saying, “If you have to use strength, it’s not Jiu Jitsu”, which echoes our belief in developing practitioners that rely on precise technique, strategic thinking and effective maneuvering to dominate opponents, regardless of differences in physical strength. 


BJJ develops self-confidence in children and adults alike, both on and off the matt. It gives practitioners of all ages the self-assurance needed to face any challenge in life with the clarity and peace of mind required to strategise and make the right moves. 


What To Expect

Whether your goal is to get in shape or to become a skilled BJJ athlete, the classes in our scheduled timetable build upon one another, setting you on a growth trajectory in your BJJ learning journey.


The movements and positions you are taught are linked to one another both in the warm-up drills and in the techniques taught throughout the curriculum. This will help you build up your muscle memory at a faster rate and comprehend the correlation between movements in warm ups and actual sparring. 


Our Commitment

Our club is dedicated to creating an inviting place of learning in a safe and friendly atmosphere. All that is required is a positive attitude and a willingness to learn. We uphold and promote the values of respect, commitment and hard work in everything we do at Grapple Zone. 


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